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Yousuf Kalim

Developer + Designer, Engineer, Architect, Leader, and DevOps

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Designing the future of education

Designing a platform to help educators build better online courseware

Video game progress tracking

Design and development for a video game tracking app built in React Native

Biomedical image collaboration

Increasing the amount of collaboration in Slice, an app for biomedical imaging


Quadrabase is a web platform allowing engineering offices to automatically generate tender documents in the construction industry

Real Estate ERP

The goal is to allow investors to have transparency on investments they would be doing in real estate in Pakistan

Telehealth Platform

Telehealth platform (project name is confidential) is a US web and mobile application which allows physiotherapists to analyze the movements of their patients remotely


Permispop is a web platform connecting students, independent driving teachers, and driving schools

Facilty Management

This is the platform for management of office building. It is similar to Trello-like Dashboard, showing the tickets and their status

Hi there

I’m Yousuf, currently I live in Lahore working as a MERN stack team lead at Falcon. With over 10 years of experience in the field, I’ve worked with various modern and complex technologies. Throughout my career, I have developed and deployed over 300 projects combined. My work includes frontend and backend development, code reviews, security analysis, DB architectures, and deployments. If you’re interested in the tools and software I use check out my uses page.

I'm also an open-source developer with popular libraries on NPM getting around 7M+ weekly downloads and have contributed to organizations like Epic Games and Facebook. At Facebook, I got the chance to lead their open-source project named "". The project has thousands of developers contributing under my supervision.

In my spare time I contribute to open source projects, watch movies, create NPM libraries and make mods. I’m always down for hearing about new projects, so feel free to drop me a line.

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