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Facility Management

This is a platform for managing office buildings. It has a Trello-like dashboard that shows tickets and their statuses. One module in this project is a ticket management system that needs to be created and managed. A ticket management system is a module with two types of users: admin users and employee users.

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  • User Research
  • Frontend Development
  • Code Reviews
  • Deployment
The Facility Management web application showing a tickets screen.

User experience

UI/UX design of Facility Management is Trello-like and straightforward, with an easy-to-use dashboard for managing tickets. The platform features a ticket management system with two user types: admin and employee. The color scheme is professional, with a mix of neutral and bright colors and clear typography. The design is optimized for desktop and mobile devices and has a clear hierarchy of information for easy navigation.

The ticket management system is user-friendly, with simple options for creating, tracking, and updating tickets. The platform facilitates efficient task management for both admin and employee users based on extensive user research.

Web development

The development process involved multiple client meetings, business analysis, testing, development, bug fixes, reviews, and client feedback. The platform was designed to be secure and reliable, and it met the client's expectations.

Some of the screens of the project to demonstrate the design.
Tech stacks in which the project was developed.

Tech stack

The project was developed using the React.js and ASP.NET Core. React.js built the interactive user interface, ASP.NET provided the APIs. Git and GitHub were utilized for version control and collaboration.

Project outcomes

The project was a success and delivered to the client. This was the client's feedback: "Overall, the development team and all members involved in the project deserve praise for delivering an exceptional platform. End result product met our requirements and exceeds expectations at some components. Well done!"

Mockups of the project and created to collage so it look cool