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The idea was to develop a first version of the website, in order to test the market fit. This version was completed within a couple of months, using ReactJS for the frontend, and ASP.NET Core for the backend. We are still continuing the development, which is currently at the V4.

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  • Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Code Reviews
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
The Permispop mobile application screens on iPhone.

Project description

Permispop is a web platform and a mobile app connecting students, independent driving teachers, and driving schools. Each type of user has a dedicated interface, allowing them to manage their activities efficiently. The possibility to search for an instructor with an interactive map, and book a session depending on his availability.

The booking feature allows the driving schools and instructors to have an overview of all the activities and manage them efficiently.

At the end of each session, the student can rate the instructor and provide feedback to the platform; An internal messaging system. A digital driving booklet, allowing the instructors to have an overview of the level of each student, and add any progress made.

The sidebar design of the mobile app.
Chat screen so users can chat with their instructures.

User interface

PermisPop is a project which started in 2019, and which is evolving with time. The first version of the platform was focusing on proving the product-market-fit, and was not having a modern design at all. The UX was also basic. We worked on a whole redesign of the platform, to make it more attractive for the users.

App development

The project has been developed based on several sprints, and versions of the application. The first version of the application was a web app, and afterwards, a mobile application (android and iOS) has been developed.

Some of the screens of the project to demonstrate the design.

Web development

The web version of the project was the first one to be developed. At first, little attention was made on the overall design, and the goal was to get the functionalities working. A challenging aspect of the project was that it was taken over from another agency, who did not follow the best coding practices.

The client wanted to make it work without having to start from scratch. Even though it required more time than expected (as it can sometimes be challenging to work on another’s agencies code), I completed the project without additional budget.

Home screen of the project to demonstrate the web design.
Tech stacks in which the project was developed.

Tech stack

The project was developed using the React.Js, React Native and ASP.NET Core. React.js built the interactive user interface, ASP.NET provided the APIs and React Native was used to develop the cross-platform mobile app.

Project outcomes

The project was a success, and it has been live in production since 2021. Version 4 is still under development, but we are confident that it will be just as successful as the previous versions.